About Us

What we do

We specialise in high quality decorating for large and small domestic properties, office blocks, barn conversions, hotels, new builds and much more.

How we do it

Our decorators use their skills and years of experience to create a Precision finish in any number of techniques, from the Traditional brush and roller Finish to a flawless finish with our Airless and HVLP Spraying systems; Our knowledge extends to caring for all your wood care needs, hygienic solutions and Intumescent coatings.

Why we do it

We love what we do and we love to provide our clients with their desired look to create a beautiful home or the perfect place to work or stay.



"My name is Nick and I am the Director of Precision Decorating. Over the past 15 years working in all aspects of the decorating sector, I have strived to provide only the best in home and business redecoration. By creating Precision Decorating, I have been able to showcase my skills and have used my experience to produce some of the most beautiful work in the decorating trade."

High Quality

Using materials of the highest quality aid us in producing our Precision finish.

100% Satisfaction

We work with all of our clients closely and always keep them up to date on our progress throughout the project to ensure 100% satisfaction.

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