Airless and HVLP Spray painting

Airless and HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) paint spraying is a System used to give a flawless flat sprayed finish. Airless spraying allows a fast smooth even coat across all interior and exterior walls and ceilings, whereas HVLP spraying is used to create a smooth flat even coat across internal and external wood, PVCu windows and doors and even metal framed windows and cladding.

Canford Cliffs Luxury Home Mist Coat

In this New Build luxury property in Canford Cliffs, we have started the first stage mist-coating to all the new plaster using our Airless spraying system.

After final preparations to walls and ceilings, we can now apply the final coats using our Airless spraying system.

Care Centre in Eastleigh

In this care centre, we had finished all walls and ceilings using our Airless spray system, and as you will see we have fully taped up all walls ready for the final sprayed coats to the woodwork.

Full home refurbishment in Christchurch

In this home refurbishment we used the Airless spray system to Mist-coat all newly plastered walls and ceilings, we then applied the first sprayed coats throughout. Once the electrics and wordwork were fitted, 
we commenced with our final preparations and applied the final finished coats to the walls, ceilings, and surrounding woodwork.